"Featuring impeccable musicianship, this song muses about the follies of love with great lines." - Radio Airplay

"...Full of angst and impending danger. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up." - Radio Airplay

Austrian blues rock band The Raw-Cats feat. Millibird - Made up of Marcel Illetschko (vocals, piano & guitar) , Nadja Vogel-Illetschko (vocals) , Harry Hintringer (drums, vocals) and Simon Ramoser (bass, vocals) - demonstrate a versatility and virtuosity that encompass echoes of everything from Country to Jazz and from Barrelhouse to plain and simple Rock ’n’ Roll. Nonetheless, the originality and authentic musical fingerprint of the band are constantly discernible. Therefore, although the Raw-Cats refer to the past and occasionally go back to the roots, they never imitate or descend into false nostalgia. Hence the fact that the resultant sound is not derivative and of yesterday, but instead vibrant, fresh and very much of today.

Marcel Illetschko and lyricist John Cima met by happy coincidence some years ago. They started talking and discovered a shared love of the Blues and the music that it has influenced for well over a century. This conversation culminated in an impromptu rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”, which probably speaks volumes, and a subsequent decision to compose together. The debut album “Midnight Moon” is the initial result.

SINGLE A Storm's Comin'  is part of the album and stands for our love to mother nature. The Text for "A Storm's Comin' " was actually written long before the arrival of the "Fridays for Future" movement and the COVID 19 pandemic, but perhaps in view of the diverse crises still facing our planet, it has lost none of its relevance. We wish it had.